Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump Sharing Classified Info ???

Someone is claiming that our President shared classified info with the Russians. You can read about it here:

Such claims may or may not be true. Even if they are, keep this in mind:

  • The President has the power to declassify anything he chooses to;
  • As Commander-in-Chief, he has the power to fight our battles as he sees fit, including sharing info with potential allies. He doesn't need anyone's permission; and
  • Hillary Clinton appears to have run her own little espionage network for the benefit of no one other than herself. And she got off scot-free.

Jeez !!! If you hate Trump all that much, just impeach him already.

If you can't or won't, PLEASE SHUT UP !!!


  1. Here is an eyewitness who says the story is false:

    The people who are doing this seem to be guilty of treason. Why aren't we rooting them out?

  2. And Bloomberg agrees with me that even if Trump did share classified info, he broke no laws:

    So what's the big deal? The President (not Senators McCain and Graham) is our chief diplomat and military commander-in-chief. I'm sick of listening to all these dissenters.

  3. Here is confirmation of Trump's authority to declassify: