Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Federal Reserve Is Destroying America

Here are some observations from Chris Martenson:

The most compassion I can drum up for central bankers right now is to observe that they really do have an impossible job; and their training has been simply too narrow and dogmatic for them to detect the gaping, obvious flaws in their world views.  They never studied energy resource issues. Nor did they have to take any behavioral psychology classes that would have explained to them how deeply unfair economic practices are socially corrosive. Nor any history classes that would expose how such actions proved ruinous when they were applied in previous societies.

But here we are. The fact that the central bankers are either accidentally ignorant or purposely too lazy to explore the wider world of ideas is not one you can ignore any longer.  Real consequences are coming and there’s no ducking them.  We’re all in this big canoe of life together and the Fed and our political officials are exhorting us to paddle faster towards the roaring falls ahead.

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I would argue that they are neither "accidentally ignorant or purposely too lazy". They know exactly what they are doing and what the consequences will be.

But they don't give a damn, because they think they personally will not be negatively affected by what they are doing.

And that suggests they are monsters.

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