Thursday, May 25, 2017

An Absurd Claim About Submarines

According to some, President Trump has compromised our submarine force. You can read about it here:

Trump's words in no way are a threat to the security of our subs.

As a former submarine officer I can truthfully say that subs are hard to find even if you think you know where they are. The oceans are big, and they are an excellent place to hide.

By the way, Tom Clancy's novels did compromise the security of our submarine force and other elements of our military. And I even saw a report in the New London, CT newspaper that at one point the US Navy was showing the Russians how to detect our submarines underwater.

Did any of you clowns complain about that?

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  1. And I wouldn't worry that Israel is not "sharing" intelligence, as claimed in this report:

    They have never shared ANYTHING of importance with us, unless it was something which benefited them. But they sure have stolen a lot from us.