Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Assassination Is A Crime, No Matter Who Does It

The Israelis want to murder President Assad of Syria. You can read about it here:

It is my belief that the "crematorium" story is nonsense. There is no way to prove how many (if any) prisoners were cremated at that prison. Along with the "sarin gas attack" lies, I think this story was invented by Israel as a pretext for the murder of Assad.

I also believe that most of the shit raining down on Trump right now also was invented by Israel, to keep the pressure on him until he moves the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Don't do it, Donald. Don't let the Jerusalemites win. They don't deserve it.


  1. See what I mean?

    And regardless of whether or not it violates international law ... and even the Torah.

  2. Here is a debunking of the "crematorium" claims: