Monday, May 15, 2017

Has Trump Already Been Indicted ???

Not sure I believe this, but it's worth a peek:

A new report circulating on left-leaning internet channels says that a secret indictment has been issued against President Donald Trump. Details surrounding the indictment have yet to be released, but should it actually exist, would likely be related to alleged connections that President Donald Trump has ties to Russia.

The report originated on the Patribotics Blog from investigative journalists Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor, both of whom have previously disclosed accurate reports regarding FISA warrants and other information related to the Trump-Russia investigation, but have also been accused of filing numerous unsubstantiated reports and conspiracy theories.

According to Mensch and Taylor, intelligence and justice community sources say that a sealed indictment against the President exists, but because of the U.S. Constitution prosecution cannot move forward until the President is impeached by Congress.

You can read the rest @

Here is a link to the blog mentioned above:

I think they'll eventually get him, one way or another. There is too much at stake for them to ever give up.

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