Monday, May 15, 2017

Safe Spaces For Heroin Use ???

Here is the latest insanity from Seattle, WA:

Modeled after similar programs in Europe, Australia and Canada, Seattle is on track to become the first city in the United States where heroin addicts can legally shoot up at a supervised healthcare facility. The controversial program is intended to reduce the number of overdose deaths by bringing users out of the alleys and into "safe places" where overdoses can be treated immediately, all at taxpayer expense, of course. This new concept goes one step beyond needle exchange programs that exist in other cities intended to decrease the spread of disease through dirty needles.

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The USA is going completely insane. In terms of making sense (or not), this appears to be the moral equivalent of "safe spaces for police to shoot unarmed black men" - which is more or less the entire country.

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  1. Is it any wonder that US workers often test positive for drugs?