Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm Not Voting For The Rock

Apparently Dwayne Johnson wants to run for US President. You can read about it here:

We've already had an actor, and he more or less wrecked our country in the name of "defeating communism".

We've already had several clowns, and they didn't help much either.

We've had many former military officers, and all they did was wage war and bankrupt our Treasury.

We've had academics, and they did some of the dumbest things imaginable.

Nope, I'm not voting for the Rock, or anyone else from the "entertainment" industry.

I'll consider Tulsi Gabbard if she runs.

And, of course, I'd vote for Jesus, but He doesn't need an election to establish His kingdom, does He?


  1. I'm not voting for Tom Hanks, either. I abhor the support he and Ron Howard have given to those demonic "da Vinci code" fantasies.

  2. No one living in sin should be our president. That may be "old fashioned", but I think Dwayne is a bad example on many levels: