Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Macron Will Be France's Trump

Although Marine Le Pen was portrayed as France's "fascist" candidate, the winner Macron is going to dismantle France's social programs in a manner similar to what Trump is doing to ObamaDon'tCare, to Medicaid, and eventually to Social Security.

You can read about it here:

https://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2017/05/09/frankreich-massen-demo-gegen-den-neuen-praesidenten-macron/ [translation required]

Yes, the (global) empire is striking back.

Quite frankly, elections mean absolutely nothing; they are the current opiate of the masses (when we're not consuming actual opium). The powers that be (i.e., oligarchs, bankgangsters, corporate CEOs, and their collaborators in the one percent) are going to enact their agenda no matter whom gets elected.

That's why Obama ad-Dajjal is being paid to disrupt the US government, and why the MSM keeps feeding us a steady stream of lies and distortions.

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