Saturday, May 6, 2017

Killed For Brandishing A BB Gun

Yet another teenager has been killed by police. Why? Apparently because he "brandished a BB gun":

This sentence in the report is particularly troubling:

"Police believe the caller was the boy himself, Holden said."

So ... he made the call to lure police there so he could shoot them ... with a BB gun? What an unbelievable crock of sh-t.

Q: How many times has such an individual actually shot at police with anything other than a BB gun?

A: If, as I suspect, the number is "few if any", why are police so eager to kill them in response? (I know that's not an answer, but there really is no answer; other than the possibility that police just shoot anyone who doesn't instantly do exactly what police tell them to do.)

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  1. Now here's a man who fired a real gun INTO THE AIR. Police chased him down and forced a confrontation resulting in his death:

    Many will find this to be justified, but I don't. Had they left him alone, it's likely nothing would have happened.