Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Is North Korea Mimicking US ???

Here is a strange revelation about North Korea from Vice News:

“They’ve (North Korea) started economizing and building basically underground test centers where they can do many, many tests,” Lewis said. “And that suggests something distressing about their aspirations. They’re in this for the long haul.”

That forecast is based in part on the discovery that North Korea likely copied the design of its nuclear testing site from the United States. Lewis is one of a handful of open-source sleuths who use satellite imagery, seismological data, propaganda photos, and other publicly available information to study North Korea’s development of weapons of mass destruction. Last year, when mapping the precise locations of North Korea’s previous underground nuclear tests, he and his colleagues noticed something peculiar: The layout of the tunnels almost perfectly match the configuration at the Nevada National Security Site, where the U.S. conducted many of its own nuclear tests.

“I would be shocked if this was a coincidence,” Lewis said. “The U.S. has done more than a thousand nuclear tests, and very many of those were underground. That data is freely available. And my suspicion is the North Koreans make good use of that data.”

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Or perhaps, as is so often the case, the US actually cooperated with the NK nuke program somehow at some time in the past.

Is that so far-fetched? Almost all of our "enemies" were once our allies.

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