Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Iran's Submarines

Here is a report claiming Iran tried to launch a cruise missile from one of their submarines:

It is a little known fact the US once sold diesel submarines to Iran. I was stationed in New London, CT when the Iranian Revolution took place. There was at least one Iranian sub which had been purchased from the US in port at the time. Its crew took over the ship and held their officers hostage. Eventually they left port and voyaged to Iran, where presumably those officers were put to death as supporters of the Shah.

It also is a little known fact that Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. (the father of "Stormin' Norman") helped organize and train the Iranian police forces which became SAVAK, one of the most brutal secret police forces in the world. Maybe there wouldn't have been an Iranian Revolution if the US had not helped the Shah come to power and stay in power using torture and terror against his own people.

Don't believe for a second that the US national security state gives a damn about freedom and democracy. Those are just lies used to induce suckers like you and me to send our kids overseas where they will be maimed and/or killed so that the rich may thrive.

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