Thursday, May 11, 2017

Honest-To-God Saboteurs In France

Workers at GM & S, the car supplier in Central France, threatened their factory with destruction if the company was to be closed as planned. On Thursday morning, they had already cut a press with the cutting torch, another machine was destroyed in the afternoon, said union representative Vincent Labrousse the news agency AFP. In addition, the plant had been "mined" with gas cylinders and benzine feeders.

"We are tired of being fooled," said Labrousse. The employees in the plant had been fighting for their jobs for six months, but the closure of the factory was still going on. "If this happens, the factory will not be surrendered."

You can read the rest @ [translation required]

I admire their pluck, but I doubt such threats will matter. If the factory was to be closed anyway, the company will still get their tax write-off ... and maybe even an insurance settlement if the place is destroyed.

Same thing here in the US. Once corporations decide to shut down a facility, there is really nothing the workers can do.

By the way, the workers of the world sent their children to fight the so-called "cold war" so that capitalists could get filthy rich and condemn the grandchildren of those former workers to a life without income.

Ain't life a bitch?

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