Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Good Riddance To Comey

I have no problem with the firing of FBI Director Comey. It should have been done long ago.

Why do I feel this way?

In spite of ample evidence that Hillary Clinton and her staff broke multiple laws (including those regarding espionage), Comey made excuses for her ... again and again. She was never charged. For some reason, however, accusations against General Flynn will now be brought before a Grand Jury:

If Flynn is charged, Hillary should be too. Even more so.

Comey has so politicized and wrecked the FBI that it's time for new management.

But since DC is in "political war" mode, I doubt his replacement will really help. And that also is a shame.


  1. What are the "grave constitutional issues" here, as suggested by this article?

    Legal issues, maybe; but constitutional? The FBI Director works for the Executive Branch, right? Why then would the President need anyone's permission or concurrence (other than perhaps the AG) to fire him?

  2. Here is a good explanation of why this is NOT a constitutional crisis: