Thursday, September 8, 2016

Will India Outperform SpaceX ???

While SpaceX laments its latest setback, India's space program surges ahead:

In what has become a rapidly developing space program, India’s Space Research Organization successfully launched yet another weather satellite into orbit late Thursday.

The ISRO GSLV F05 rocket was initially delayed for less than an hour as engineers double checked their systems but launched at 4:50 local time from Sriharikota in the eastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

It was carrying the advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR.

The GSLV F05 for the first time used a cryogenic engine developed by Indian scientists. The engine is based on cryogenic fuels – gasses stored at very low temperatures.

The INSAT-3DR will remain in geosynchronous orbit and can be used to assist in earth surface rescue operations.

In late August, India became only the fourth country in history to employ scramjet engines in the launch and propulsion of space rockets.

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These are remarkable achievements. Kudos to India !!!

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