Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Time For A New 9/11 Investigation ???

Former FBI agent Coleen Rowley says yes:

After the events of September 11, 2001, as a longtime FBI agent and division legal counsel, I blew the whistle on the FBI’s failure to act on information provided by the Minneapolis field office that could have prevented the attacks.

On this sad 15th anniversary of 9/11, I am encouraged to see that Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein put out a statement calling for a new investigation not afflicted by all the limitations, partisan obstacles and other problems that adversely affected the 9/11 Commission.

It’s what so many of us have long called for, including me personally ... as someone with a front row seat to the FBI’s initial cover-ups. The FBI was only one of the agencies and political entities which strived to cover up the truth of why and how they all ignored a “system blinking red” in the months before the attacks. So successful had this been that when I testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2002, I actually felt I had to explain why the truth was important. That we “owed it to the public, especially the victims of terrorism, to be completely honest” and “learning from our mistakes” were two of the reasons I came up with.

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Clearly the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the entire US security apparatus failed to connect the dots. In some instances this failure appears to have been intentional.

And I agree with Coleen and others that everything we did since 9/11 has been wrong.

We need a new investigation by a panel with the power to compel testimony from everyone who was involved in 9/11 in any way. And all those who lied and/or failed to do their jobs should be put into jail, starting with the officials who authorized the destruction of evidence (the debris pile at Ground Zero).

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