Thursday, September 8, 2016

Swords To Plowshares In SF

Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos is pitching an out-of-the-box solution to the city’s homeless crisis that would get people in need off the streets and onto a ship.

It sounds like a wild idea, but Agnos says these are desperate times.

He wants to turn an old aircraft carrier - the USS Peleliu - into temporary housing for the homeless.

Agnos is floating the mothballed naval carrier as the latest solution to San Francisco’s homeless shelter crisis.

“The USS Peleliu would be a game changer in the debate around homelessness,” said the former mayor. “Having them on a ship is a far better alternative than having them unsanitary and unsafe conditions on the streets of San Francisco.”

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Considering the fact that a mothballed supercarrier recently was sold to a scrap yard for one cent, this is a GREAT idea. We should be getting SOME benefit from the trillions of dollars poured down the US military rathole.

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