Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Long-Term Parking

Here is a sad video essay about airline employees living in RVs in a parking lot:

The lot was created at least a decade ago as an airport-sponsored program offering airline employees a place to rest before heading to their next destination. Today, however, the next destination for many of the lot’s residents is unknown. As a result of pursuing their dream of working in the aviation industry, with its attendant transient lifestyle, many of the parking lot’s residents are estranged from their families. They are largely a community of people living alone, together - and most now consider the lot “home.”

You can read the rest and watch the video @

It reminds me of other reports I have read about people living in their RVs, such as this one from Seattle:


We have become a two-tier society - one tier which can afford "the American Dream" (whatever that is) and one which cannot.

And to go along with that we have an MSM which regards the top tier as their audience and the bottom tier as something to be ignored unless they start to threaten or harm the "real people" in the top tier.

Here's a little ditty to go with this story:


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