Monday, September 5, 2016

Civil War In Israel ???

Here is more great insight from Uri Avnery:

Pardo’s [a former head of Mossad] main point was a warning: Israel is approaching a situation of civil war. We are not yet there, he said, but getting there rapidly.

This, according to him, is now the main threat facing Israel. Indeed, he asserted that this is the only menace left. This statement means that the recent chief of the Mossad sees no military threat to Israel – neither from Iran nor Daesh nor anybody else. This is a direct challenge to the main plank of Netanyahu’s policy: that Israel is surrounded by dangerous enemies and deadly threats.

But Pardo sees a menace that is far more dangerous: the split inside Israel’s Jewish society. We don’t have a civil war – yet. But "we are rapidly approaching it".

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I agree with Pardo. Israel has no external threats; the US has destroyed or neutralized them all.

[Is that how the missing $6.5 trillion was spent?]

By the way, Avnery's description of the "Ashkenazim"-"Mizrahim" rift appears to reveal yet another aspect of Israeli racism. These are not nice people. They don't even like each other.

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