Sunday, July 1, 2018

The World's Rubbish Dump

At a deserted factory outside Bangkok, skyscrapers made from vast blocks of crushed printers, Xbox components and TVs tower over black rivers of smashed-up computer screens.

This is a tiny fraction of the estimated 50m tonnes of electronic waste created just in the EU every year, a tide of toxic rubbish that is flooding into south-east Asia from the EU, US and Japan.

Thailand, with its lax environmental laws, has become a dumping ground for this e-waste over the past six months, but authorities are clamping down, fearful that the country will become the “rubbish dump of the world”. The global implications could be enormous.

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And I bet you thought the "new" economy wasn't all that wasteful. Well, you thought wrong.

Have you noticed that most of the canned tuna sold in US stores comes from Thailand? I wonder if any of this e-waste might be leaching out into their fishing grounds and on to our dinner tables.

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