Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Glorious Blow For Peace !!!

Here is David Stockman's take on the Helsinki summit:

The Vlad and Donald show in Helsinki Monday was simply brilliant and breathtaking – we’d say even a beautiful thing to behold.

Between them, they left CNN’s nattering nabobs of neocon nonsense sounding like the shrieking monkeys they actually are. And that’s to say nothing of the fools they made out of the newly minted liberal and progressive warmongers on the Dem side of the aisle in Washington or the so-called journalists who fill 90% of the space in the so-called mainstream media with endless pro-war propaganda.

But most of all it was the single greatest blow to the War Party since it turned Imperial Washington into a colossal menace bent on global hegemony when the Soviet Union slithered off the pages of history in 1991.

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The warmongers are not going to go away quietly. It's up to We the People to follow Trump's lead and vote them out of office.

A more effective strategy would be to prosecute the CIA and FBI for their crimes, but I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

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  1. As Pat Buchanan says, Trump has called off Cold War II:


    How can that possibly be bad?