Saturday, July 28, 2018

Thought For The Day - 7/28/2018

The best way for Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea to deal with Washington is to ignore Washington and go about their own business. They should fully disengage from the Western systems that are used to control them - such as the SWIFT clearing mechanism, the US based Internet, the use of the US dollar for transactions, financial balances in Western banks, acceptance of Western financed non-governmental organizations in their countries, acceptance of foreign ownership of media in their countries, acceptance of Western capital and Western banks in their economies.

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Iran should disengage entirely from the West.

Iran should seek security agreements with the Russian-Chinese alliance. Iran should use its oil wealth for a basic support system for its citizens and for investment in Russia, China, and in conjunction with China in other Asian economies. Iran should realize that its religious beliefs are internal and not for export and should focus on making Iran a successful country. Under attack as Iran is from Washington and Israel, Iran needs the support of its people, this means that Iran cannot be governed as America is and cannot afford policy that benefits only the rich and well-positioned.

Iran, like Russia, is trying to have a moral population immune to the debauchery of the West.

The question is whether the Russians and Iranians can resist the West’s debauchery and lead the way to the future.

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Dr. Roberts implies that we should be asking an important dual question - "Is it patriotic to blindly follow our nation's march into another unnecessary war, and is it treasonous to work toward peace even if it means the weakening of our nation?"

I don't think we can fight our way out of the mess we're in, if by "fighting" we mean being at war with just about every nation in the world. I see no "greatness" in doing that. Do you?

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