Thursday, July 19, 2018

Israeli Apartheid ???

In a Thursday morning vote, Israel’s parliament has approved the final language of the long-debated Jewish Nation-State law, which revises the nation’s Basic Law to declare Israel “the national home of the Jewish people.” The vote passed 62-55.

The bill has been under consideration in various forms since 2011, and was designed particularly to encourage Israeli courts to view Israel’s Jewish character as a priority over concerns about democracy. The bill also downgrades Arabic from an official language to simply one with a “special status.”

Most recently, the bill has added language encouraging the establishment of Jewish-only communities, which along with the downgrading of Arabic has fueled complaints that the law is effectively trying to enshrine Israeli Arabs’ status as second-class citizens as a matter of Basic Law.

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Israel is NOT a "democracy". I don't think it ever has been.

Why are we still supporting these people?

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