Monday, July 16, 2018

John Brennon Goes Full Nutso

Shades of Curtis LeMay ... former CIA Director John Brennon is accusing President Trump of treason in Helsinki:

Take a chill pill, John. Diplomacy is not treason. What you are doing, on the other hand, probably is.

Frankly, this demonstrates how screwed up the deep state is. They want to create a global NWO government, but they want to crush all their enemies in the process.


  1. In all likelihood, Israel does more to interfere in US elections than does Russia. And frankly, we would benefit greatly if we had good relations with Russia, while Israel does absolutely nothing good for us. NOTHING.

  2. I agree with Senator Rand Paul that Brennan's security clearance should be revoked:

    I also think he, James Comey, and Maxine Waters should be prosecuted for inciting insurrection.