Saturday, July 21, 2018

America The Insolvent

Here is a polemic from Chris Martenson:

The trajectory our global society is on will not end well, and that infuraties me. And the fact that most of the coming suffering is unnecessary if only we'd make better choices -- that really pisses me off.

Here's just a small smattering of the threats we've created for ourselves:

  • $247 trillion of global debt, growing exponentially
  • Off-budget liabilities well over a quadrillion dollars globally ($220+ trillion in the US alone)
  • Massively underfunded pensions mathematically unable to meet their future obligations
  • A coming peak in world oil supply somewhere between 2020-2030 (and around 2022 for the US)
  • A global economy that requires perpetual growth, but can't grow for much longer due to planetary resource constraints
  • Huge demographic imbalances in Japan, the US, the EU and Russia that will leave too few workers supporting too many elderly
  • Collapsing ecosystems and increasing heatwaves on both land and sea, threatening crop failures and food chain disruptions.

Collectively these all point to a future of less. Perhaps even a future of nothing.

Our only option for safely navigating towards a better future is to start dedicating a huge amount of focus, time, energy and resources to addressing these threats.

But, unfortunately, that’s simply not happening right now.

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Ad it's not going to happen, either. The current focus is on "dump Trump", and after that a radical redistribution of the remaining pie.

Yes, the "elites" will save themselves. The rest of us will be damned. And that's the way things have always been.

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