Saturday, July 28, 2018

It's NOT About Experience

Essays such as this one claim that Trump has no experience:

I don't think that's the problem. He has no FRIENDS, and everyone is resisting or sabotaging what he is trying to do. NO ONE - not Oprah, not Hillary, not even Obama ad-Dajjal - could get anything done against the kind of treachery Trump faces at every turn.

So, if you want a "successful" president, elect one the US fascist deep state and its MSM are going to love. Of course, such a person will work for the 0.01% instead of We the People.

And by the way, I think Trump knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do. Unfortunately, since the entire global ruling class is against him he waivered, and that made them smell the blood in the water. He is failing because we allowed insurrectionists and traitors to attack him. They are the ones who deserve to have mobs confronting them when they go out to eat.

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