Monday, July 23, 2018

How To Survive US Kill List

When a U.S. citizen heard he was on his own country’s drone target list, he wasn’t sure he believed it. After five near-misses, he does – and is suing the United States to contest his own execution.

You can read all about it @

I am not convinced he WILL survive. Uncle Sam is a ruthless killer.

It's amazing that few if any members of Congress supported Senator Rand Paul when he sought to keep US citizens off the kill list. This suggests to me that someday soon it will be a common occurrence to find ourselves so listed (assuming we even have the ability to read the list).

Wake the f-ck up, people. A nation which can kill you without due process is a tyranny. The US hasn't been a beacon of democracy for quite some time.

And this is NOT a Trump issue - it's a USA issue.

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