Sunday, July 22, 2018

Collaboration Nonsense

According to this report, one of Trump's former advisers was "collaborating" with Russia:

Collaboration is defined as follows:
1. the action of working with someone to produce or create something
2. traitorous cooperation with an enemy

Let's assume for a moment there was collaboration (although I am not convinced there was). So what?

Is Russia our enemy? Only to the extent that they uphold international laws which we ignore, complain when we break agreements and treaties we have made with them, and seek to assert and retain their sovereignty. That's not an "enemy" - that's a decent person (or nation) doing what the United Nations charter guarantees to be their rights and obligations.

Are people seeking peace "traitors"? Not according to the US Constitution.

And what is the alleged ultimate crime here? Promoting the election of Donald Trump? How is that a crime (to anyone except the seditious liars and thugs now attempting to overthrow his government)?

If our cities and states are allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections, then it is absurd to accuse Russia of an act of war for allegedly doing something which has a FAR lesser impact on the outcome of our elections.

And by the way, the real "collaborators" in this whole mess are those who converted our electoral system from auditable mechanical voting machines to totally unaccountable and easily hackable electronic devices. If we want a secure process, toss out the computers and put back the voting machines.

Jeez Louise !!!

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