Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Fundamental American Lie

You have probably heard variations of these claims before:

The question before [Judge] Collyer would challenge the most gifted legal mind. At issue is the fact that America, in the wake of 9/11, has become two countries.

One is a democracy, visible to the population and governed by the lofty laws and rules and constitutional principles we learned about in "Schoolhouse Rock".

The second nation is an authoritarian state-within-a-state, governed exclusively by the executive branch. In this parallel world, all rights redound to a bureaucracy that may kill anyone it pleases at any time, restrained only by the inclinations of the executive.

Essentially, Kareem’s lawyers are appealing to the first America – Collyer’s courtroom – to force the second, secret America to hear him out.

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Answering this question does NOT require "the most gifted legal mind".

It should be obvious to EVERYONE that the existence of the "second nation" means the first one no longer exists.

And it will remain IMPOSSIBLE to solve this problem as long as we continue to believe such nonsense and fail to admit that "our" nation has become a murderous totalitarian dictatorship ... period.

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