Thursday, July 19, 2018

We Don't Need No Stinking Academic Freedom

In defending its policy allowing the concealed carry of handguns in classrooms, the University of Texas has taken a surprising position in a federal appeals court — that individual professors do not have academic freedom.

“The right to academic freedom, if it exists, belongs to the institution, not the individual professor,” says a brief filed by the state’s lawyers on behalf of UT President Gregory L. Fenves, several current and former UT System regents and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

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I would argue that NO ONE in the US has academic freedom, other than the few boot-licking individuals who do exactly what they're told (which means they don't have it, either).

See how far you get in academia if you question any of the following:
  • the causes of 9/11
  • global warming
  • vaccine safety
  • the crimes of Israel
  • anything having to do with men vs. women
  • the validity of the official story about the Sandy Hook shooting

The powers that be determine what a professor can and cannot say and do. The concept of "academic freedom" is a sick joke.

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