Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Fatal Incompatibility Affecting Us All

Here are some important observations from Luke Eastwood:

A Fatal Incompatibility: Big Business and Human Survival

Dramatic as the title of the article is, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is not hyperbole or hysterics. It is the only logical conclusion one can arrive at if one analyses the facts of our current situation as a species.

Commerce has existed for thousands of years, with private and government-owned companies providing goods and services for sale, largely unregulated for most of that time. Of course, government has always had the capacity to intervene where business practices have been found to be unsafe or unethical, for the protection of society.

As economies have developed beyond a mostly agricultural foundation into a consumer-driven industrial system, corporations have gained increasing economic, social and political influence. Although there is now an enormous quantity of legal regulation in relation to the conducting of business (in the developed world particularly) corporations exert such a huge influence on countries (democratic or otherwise) that we could accurately be described as living in an age of corpocracy. The infiltration of governments by corporate interests is so severe that governments are almost powerless to prevent the wholesale destruction of our environment and huge damage to humanity without causing a worldwide economic collapse.

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I seriously question whether individuals really have any effective tools for fighting big business. The power of US corporations taken as a whole DWARFS the power of Israel, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for US citizens to band together to BDS the Israels for their perceived illegal and inhuman acts in the Middle East. Considering that, please tell me how we could EVER do the same to "our" corporations.

It just ain't gonna happen. That "in a decade or two it may already be too late" mentioned by the author has come and gone.

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