Monday, June 5, 2017

The So-Called Trump "Leaker"

Here is a "report" about the so-called Trump leaker:

Are you buying any of this crap?

(1) It implies that NSA still has no effective procedures in place to screen or monitor their contractors. After the Snowden fiasco, such a failure seems to be a colossal screwup.

(2) Why are FBI and NSA still releasing so much info about the alleged "top secret leaks"? If the material really is top secret, why don't they keep their mouths shut about its contents?

(3) Isn't it a bit strange this alleged leak was only of material damaging to the Trump presidency and supportive of the deep state drive to start a war with Russia?

This is absurd. It has all the hallmarks of further deep state meddling, and I don't buy it.


  1. How did she even get top secret clearance?

  2. Here is confirmation the "Russian hack" aspect of this story is bogus:

  3. And here's another suggesting the entire story is a psyop:

  4. Rush Limbaugh kinda agrees with me. Now THAT'S scary!