Monday, June 5, 2017

Cutting Ties With Qatar

Late on Sunday night, the Saudi-led alliance of Gulf Arab states, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain including Egypt, shocked the world when they announced they had severed ties and closed borders with one of the Gulf's wealthiest, if smallest, neighbors Qatar, a (now former) member of the Gulf Cooperation Council in what we called a "geopolitical earthquake" and what Bloomberg dubbed "an unprecedented move designed to punish one of the region’s financial superpowers for its ties with Iran and Islamist groups in the region."

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Here's what I don't get - it sure looks like EVERYONE in the region (and influential outsiders like the US) is arming, funding, and training terror groups. Why single out Qatar?

These guys all are UN member states, right? What the Saudis are doing amounts to an act of war. Why wasn't the UN consulted first?

Has the US post-WW2 system completely broken down? And if it has, why?

Is this another part of the Ya'alon Strategy? And if so, was this triggered by Trump's failure to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital last Thursday?

In any event, this seems to be part of the greater "holy war" which ultimately will lead to The End Times. Hold on to something, because we're in for a very rough ride.

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  1. Qatar hosts the largest US base in the ME. Why is Trump throwing them under the bus?