Friday, March 3, 2017

Please No More Os In The White House

Oprah Winfrey thinks she could be our president. She probably could.

But remember that she was influential in getting Obama ad-Dajjal elected, and that his presidency was one of the most disastrous in our history.


But the greater danger here is from the Chicago sphere of influence:

  • The Chicago school of economics has led to the devastation of national economies throughout the world;
  • Hillary Clinton (also from Chicago) is trying hard to overthrow the Trump government, an action which will have terrible consequences for all of us; and
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel is crafting a stealth presidential bid for 2020 which may restore much of the Obama-era nonsense.

So PLEASE - no more Os, no more Clintons, no more Chicagoans, no Kanye West, no Kardashians, no Hollywood icons, etc. - EVER !!!

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