Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Geert Wilders Is Hillary's Tar Baby

We're getting bombarded with reports that Geert Wilders is the worst thing to hit Holland since the German Wehrmacht. Here is one of them:

The Dutch national elections, which are being held today, have been dominated by an outpouring of xenophobia, nationalism and racism on a scale unseen since the days when Adolf Hitler railed against the “Jewish conspiracy” in Berlin’s Sportpalast and Benito Mussolini whipped up crowds from the balcony of Rome’s Piazza Venezia.

Geert Wilders and his fascistic Party for Freedom have called for a ban on immigration from Muslim countries, the closure of mosques and a ban on the Koran. But Wilders, far from being the exception, has set the tone for the entire spectrum of Dutch politics, from the conservative government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the ex-Maoist Socialist Party.

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In reality Europe's current problems, including Wilders' alleged xenophobia, were mostly caused by Hillary Clinton and those who supported her in the destruction of Libya and Syria.

She must have known EXACTLY what her actions would lead to. If she did not, she is a dangerous lunatic who should be institutionalized for the good of all humanity.

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  1. And yet everyone is focused on Stephen Bannon instead of Hillary:

    As far as I know, Bannon has not killed anyone yet. Why is it we can see his alleged evil but not recognize Hillary's PROVEN evil?