Sunday, March 19, 2017

Opening The Gates Of Hell In North Korea

Do we really want to antagonize North Korea until they nuke us? Apparently the answer is "yes":

Q: But why? The world has managed to keep the nuclear genie more or less contained since August 9, 1945.

A: It appears the US really wants to change that and re-introduce nuclear weapons on the battlefield. And since all the world now seems to be America's battlefield, that means everywhere. This is a VERY bad idea.

Can someone tell me EXACTLY what the North Koreans want? It's clear they want the US to leave them alone, but what specifically would it take to stop all this saber rattling and reunify the two Koreas?

Is this really more difficult than the East-West divide that eventually was healed in Europe? Or the North Vietnam - South Vietnam mess we helped the French create?

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