Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fox News Hates The Truth

Fox News has pulled Judge Napolitano off the air for telling the truth about Obama ad-Dajjal's wiretapping of Trump:


That's a shame, since Napolitano was one of the few truth tellers still left on TV.

If you recall, CNN fired and disavowed Peter Arnett after his "Operation Tailwind" story about the US military using chemical weapons against US deserters in Vietnam:


And the entire military-industrial-information complex disavowed Gary Webb after his "Dark Alliance" articles revealed the truth about the crack cocaine epidemic:


Face it - the MSM absolutely hates the truth. They only want you to hear what they're approved to tell you.

The US government and its minions break the law ALL THE TIME. They kill, steal, rape, plunder, spy, and torture, and that's just for starters. And the only people who go to jail are the patsies, the whistle blowers, and men like Trump who try to fight this evil.

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  1. And Lou Dobbs was threatened with dismissal for continuing to talk about Obama ad-Dajjal's fake birth certificate.