Monday, March 20, 2017

Stupid Things The FBI Did

Woo Hoo !!! The FBI was successful in finding Tom Brady's jersey:

But they could not find any criminality in what Hillary did while Secretary of State, in spite of mountains of evidence she was guilty as sin:

Why do we even have an FBI? From the perspective of We The People, they appear to serve no useful purpose.


  1. By the way, when considering Comey's claim there is no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump, remember that he also said that Hillary had broken no laws.

    Why is this man still running the FBI?

  2. If this report about Alex Jones is right, then he is a better sleuth than the FBI (or at least a more honest one):

    Frankly, it's almost ABSURD to think Obama was NOT wiretapping Trump. He would have been a fool NOT to.