Sunday, March 12, 2017

Satan Invades Our Universities

Here is a report about Satanists at Clemson University:

As most people know, demonic cults were a myth propagated in the 1990s with the hysteria of ritual abuse spreading throughout the US and Europe. They never existed, but it has become trendy for some people to emulate the imagined practices of Satanists. And now students at Clemson University have announced plans (via a poster) to perform a “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice” and a burning of Bibles to commemorate the building of a new campus chapel.

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The choice of Clemson is quite ironic.

I attended Clemson 20+ years ago when I got my master's degree. Every year the Gideon Society would distribute free bibles on the campus, and many students would take one. After the Gideons left, the entire campus was littered with bibles the students had tossed on the ground or in the trash.

And now it appears Clemson's rejection of Jesus has gone to the next level - open acceptance of Satan.

This will not end well for us or our children.

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