Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Something Else To Thank Obama For

Here is one of the results of what your "peace president" did while in office:

Indeed, as U.S. nuclear capabilities have quietly grown, Russia has shortened its time from warning to launch to just four minutes. “Today, top military command posts in the Moscow area can bypass the entire human chain of command and directly fire by remote control rockets in silos and on trucks as far away as Siberia in only 20 seconds,” reports Princeton University expert Bruce Blair. “This situation is a mistaken launch waiting to happen.”

You can read the rest @

You may not give a damn if millions of Russians fry, but clearly Obama ad-Dajjal didn't give a damn that he put YOUR kids at risk of frying, too.

And stop buying all the "Trump will do it" crap. If he won't, the maniacs in the Pentagon will just get someone else to do it.

Like maybe Mike Pence.

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