Monday, March 20, 2017

China's Toilet Police

One of Beijing’s busiest public toilets is fighting the scourge of toilet paper theft through the use technology – giving out loo roll only to patrons who use a face scanner.

The automated facial recognition dispenser comes as a response to elderly residents removing large amounts of toilet paper for use at home.

Now, those in need of paper must stand in front of a high-definition camera for three seconds, after removing hats and glasses, before a 60cm ration is released.

Those who come too often will be denied, and everyone must wait nine minutes before they can use the machine again.

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Jeez !!! If the elderly cannot even afford toilet paper, just how wonderful is the Chinese economy?

By the way, 60 cm is 2 feet. On a good day, assuming the paper was not too thin, I need at least twice that amount per visit. How petty can they get?

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