Friday, March 24, 2017

A Short History Of Walls

*Great Wall of China - FAIL (according to most historians)

*Hadrian's Wall - FAIL (Roman Empire collapsed)

*Berlin Wall - FAIL (East Germany collapsed)

*US Border Wall - FAIL (so far)

*Great Wall of Morocco - WORKS

*Great Wall of Israel - WORKS

The final two on the list were designed and/or built by Israel, while the others on the list were not. What is it about the Israeli walls that is different?

It may not be just the walls. Apparently Israeli security methods are so effective that everyone wants to adopt them. Here is a report dealing with that issue:

It seems to me the biggest difference between Israel and everyone in the West is this:

(1) Israel identifies and assassinates or locks up anyone who even MIGHT be a threat to them, while

(2) The US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, etc. let all the potential terrorists roam free - even when these governments know who they are.

ID them, keep them out, and/or deport them. That is the method Trump suggested during his campaign, but so far the powers that be are fighting him tooth and nail. Why?

One cannot have open borders, security, and freedom at the same time. You can only have two of the three. Take your pick.

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