Saturday, March 4, 2017

What Good Is Foreign Policy Experience ???

I keep hearing the claim that President Trump doesn't have any foreign policy experience.

What about other recent presidents?

  • Jimmy Carter - NONE
  • Ronald Reagan - NONE
  • Bill Clinton - NONE
  • George W. Bush - NONE
  • Barack Obama ad-Dajjal - VERY LITTLE (a few years in the US Senate)

The comment about Trump probably is made to suggest that a President Hillary would have come to the office with LOTS of foreign policy experience. But what good would that have done?

Let's look at some of her "experience":

If you're into destroying the nations of the world for the benefit of rich globalist maniacs, then Hillary probably would have been a good choice for you.

Or if you're more interested in things which benefit We The People of the United States, then Trump was and is your man.

But if all you wanted was a narcissistic megalomaniac, then either one will do.

By the way, to those of you who might claim that Hillary never ran a business I would ask "what about the cocaine trafficking/money laundering/political influence ring the Clintons appear to have been running in Arkansas which later morphed into the Clinton Foundation?" You don't think Bill was smart enough to handle that, do you?

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