Wednesday, March 8, 2017

For Whom Does CIA Work ???

Here is some well-deserved criticism for an agency which should have been disbanded over 50 years ago:

Everything that Wikileaks has revealed over the past year has hurt both the integrity and honor of the United States. The question you have to grapple with, is it well deserved? After all, living inside of a vast and powerful empire has its benefits. As the empire expands, so does the wealth of its citizens. But it hasn't worked out that way, has it?

The CIA deep staters have turned their guns on the people they serve -- using third world banana republic tactics to silence opposition, take down regimes not beholden to their world view, using advanced technology to both spy and monitor on American citizens -- infringing on our civil rights like nothing we've ever seen before.

The reason for the populist uprising and the lack of equanimity amongst those traditionally supportive of the CIA lies in the improper distribution of the spoils of war. There aren't any. All the average American has received from $10 trillion in Obama inspired deficit spending is American casualties of war, jobs lost to cheaper labor overseas, expensive oil prices, expensive healthcare, and run away education costs -- along with a sundry of social disturbances that have people fed up.

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CIA works for the US deep state, not for We The People. Their "intelligence", even when it is accurate, is of little or no benefit to us.

For a deeper understanding about why we don't need CIA and the rest of the "intelligence community", please read this wonderful essay by Arthur Silber:

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