Thursday, March 9, 2017

Washing The Dead

In the large one-room container in the quiet cemetery of Kato Tritos, a small town several kilometres from the capital of Lesbos, Warda Alkenawy prepares for the ritual body washing.

The 35-year-old Palestinian Bedouin from Herat, Israel, is a social worker and accidental washer of the dead who has been on the island since September 2015 - at the height of the mass influx of refugees .

Before her lie the bodies of Ghalia Abdi and her two young children, Zanaf and Walat. They were Kurds from Syria, and, like hundreds of thousands of others, were fleeing for their lives. Only their lives ended somewhere in the Aegean, between Turkey and Greece. Now they are here, on Warda's wooden washing table.

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No doubt the US and Israel will keep her supplied with plenty of bodies to wash.

For a deeper understanding of what the US is doing, please read these two essays by Arthur Silber:

You guessed it - the "bestial culture" is us. Thanks to the Death State, dead bodies are washing up everywhere, and it seems that a lot more are on the way.

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