Sunday, March 12, 2017

Did Baby Boomers Ruin America ???

Now here's an interesting claim:

Millennials have a reputation for being entitled, self-absorbed and lazy, but a new book argues that their parents are actually a bigger danger to society.

In “A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Boomers Betrayed America,” Bruce Cannon Gibney traces many of our nation’s most pressing issues, including climate change and the rising cost of education, back to baby boomers’ idiosyncrasies and enormous political power. Raised in an era of seemingly unending economic prosperity with relatively permissive parents, and the first generation to grow up with a television, baby boomers developed an appetite for consumption and a lack of empathy for future generations that has resulted in unfortunate policy decisions, argues Gibney, who is in his early 40s. (That makes him Generation X.)

“These things conditioned the boomers into some pretty unhelpful behaviors and the behaviors as a whole seem sociopathic,” he said.

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He's got a point. But this report seems to leave out an important fact - we boomers did not condition ourselves in this manner. It was the military-industrial complex which put these ideas in our heads, and its descendants are still conditioning the US (and world) population, albeit now with a completely different set of sociopathic ideas. By putting the blame on boomers, Mr. Gibney appears to be just another of their many tools.

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