Saturday, March 4, 2017

JIm Crow In Jerusalem

Here is a revealing report about East Jerusalem in the Jerusalem Post:

There are numerous high-rise buildings in the Shuafat refugee camp, many of which were constructed without building permits. There’s an IDF roadblock at the entrance of the camp. At the Border Police unit stationed near the camp I chat with a soldier who tells me, “The residents of the camp do whatever they feel like. They build without permits, construct drug labs, trade in weapons – and no one does anything to enforce any sort of law.”

Gihon, the Israeli water and sewage conglomerate, recently began laying new sewage lines in the camp. “We often don’t have water for bathing. The sewage pipes are always exploding and flooding the ground here. We’re not really part of the city,” a camp resident tells me. “We’re always begging the authorities to come help us get rid of all the crime and illegal drugs, but nobody cares. We hope things will improve soon.”

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East Jerusalem is a fragmented and politically passive society. There’s no unified leadership, social organizations or cultural institutions. Most residents live in poverty and hopelessness. Roads are falling apart, services are less than satisfactory, and they experience discrimination on a daily basis. As the Arab neighborhoods transition from a traditional patriarchal society to a modern society that focuses on the individual, the rate of divorce and domestic violence against women and children is rising.


“The State of Israel has not yet decided what it wants to do with east Jerusalem,” Reiter says. “On the one hand, it espouses strong rhetoric that Jerusalem is one unified city. But if we look at what happened when West and East Berlin were united, they made great efforts to equalize funding in the two sections of the city. That has not happened here in Jerusalem. Israel has also not offered Arab residents of east Jerusalem citizenship, instead creating a temporary system of rights. If we really want Jerusalem to be unified, we need to narrow the gap and offer east Jerusalem residents equal rights.”

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It's a joke to claim that Israel has not yet decided what to do. Read the Bible - greater Israel was given to the Jews by G-d, and they are in the process of taking it back from the squatters who now occupy it illegally. And President Trump's envoy soon will arrive to help facilitate the process:

In the meantime, until Israel can remove the non-existent Palestinians from their "illegal" residences, the "gap" mentioned above is NOT going to be narrowed. Why bother, when all these squatters are going to be driven out? For now, they'll just have to endure a Jim Crow like existence (a.k.a. apartheid) until Israel and the US finally succeed in making them disappear:

By the way, if we really had any compassion we'd bring all of them to the US and give them Obama phones, free health care, and Social Security benefits. Of course we'd be wrecking our economy in the process, but if we really were Christians that wouldn't matter, would it?

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