Monday, December 5, 2016

Some Trump Humor

Yes, we will have a lot of inflation, but think what a few years of 100% inflation would do to the weight of America’s debts and to the anguish of her creditors. Wages should go up with high inflation, too. This will cause our working class, which voted for Trump, [to] grumble, but having no assets, it will not be too big a problem for them. The bondholders, who don’t have many votes, will scream, but nobody will care about them ...

Our debts in old dollars would be satisfied with worthless Federal Reserve Notes in denominations up to a billion. The creditors will be unhappy, but our citizens would be delighted ... So, there is a way out! We just have to face up to the problem, screw our creditors, and reward our faithful voters. It is not a total disaster, and we will emerge into a brighter, better, more golden world with a second term for Trump.

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Of all the people jockeying to replace Trump, I would put my money on Rahm Emanuel. It may seem that he's just hibernating up there in Chicago, but he's dealing (after a fashion) with all the problems which the winner of the 2020 election will have to face.

And he's got at least four TV shows designed to demonstrate what a great job he's doing (Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D, and now Chicago Justice). By the time he gets around to running, the viewing public will believe he walks on water ... right alongside the Chicago Cubs.

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