Thursday, December 8, 2016

Your Brain On WiFi

Here is a real-life version of "The Matrix", brought to you by Elon Musk:

The next creation from Musk is “Neural Lace,” a computer interface implanted directly into the human brain.  As one example, it could allow users  to connect to the internet nearly by thinking about it.

It could either be passive, representing an implanted, glorified smartphone, or it could be active and directly communicate back and forth with our mind by interfering with our brain’s thought patterns. Musk is a firm believer that artificial intelligence (AI) will outmaneuver our own in the future, and this could be seen as a way of allowing us to “team up” with it – to keep pace with it, so we aren’t left behind.

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I will not be having one of these installed. You shouldn't, either. Not if you value your autonomy.

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