Friday, December 23, 2016

Would You Marry A Robot ???

Here is someone who wants to marry their robot:

A French woman has revealed she is in love with a robot and determined to marry it.

Lilly’s partner is a robot called InMoovator, who she 3D-printed herself and has been living with for a year.

On her Twitter page, where she goes by ‘Lilly InMoovator,’ she says: ‘I'm a proud robosexual, we don't hurt anybody, we are just happy.’

Now, Lilly is reportedly engaged to the robot and says they will marry when human-robot marriage is legalised in France.

You can read the rest and see the happy couple @

Different strokes for different folks?

Here is some info about her "partner":

Unless she has modified it radically, this device does not qualify as a person. At the very least, officially recognized marriage should be the union of two or more persons, not between a person and an object.

Sorry, Lilly. I'm not buying it. At least not for now.

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