Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Get Ready To Be Chipped

Six years ago, NBC Nightly News boldly predicted that all Americans would be fitted with RFID microchips by the year 2017. Though, at the time, NBC’s prediction seemed far-fetched, the House recently passed a bill that would bring a microchipped populace closer to reality before year’s end.

Last Thursday, the House passed HR 4919, also known as Kevin and Avonte’s Law, which would allow the US attorney general to award grants to law enforcement for the creation and operation of “locative tracking technology programs.” Though the program’s mission is to find “individuals with forms of dementia or children with developmental disabilities who have wandered from safe environments,” it provides no restriction on the tracking program’s inclusion of other individuals. The bill would also require the attorney general to work with the secretary of health and human services and unnamed health organizations to establish the “best practices” for the use of tracking devices.

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In case you haven't noticed, the authorities are starting to act like we all have "mental disabilities", especially those of us who refuse to conform. Some day soon this kind of tracking will be imposed upon all dissidents.

By the way, I don't think (as many do) that such a device is the so-called "mark of the beast", but you never know. Here are some of my thoughts on that subject:


Along those lines, Obama ad-Dajjal's recent support for registering women for the military draft is a snare intended to force them to take the mark. Are you willing to trade your soul for the illusion of earthly equality, or whatever you think the draft will give you?

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